Located in the Blanca Mérida, in the state of Yucatan, one of the cities with the highest economic growth in the country in recent years, being a pillar within the national and foreign investment, occupying one of the highest places in the creation of new jobs in the country.

Mérida is listed as the SAFEST city in the country, in addition to being named in 2016 as the BEST CITY TO LIVE in Mexico and "American Capital of Culture" twice (2000 and 2017). Yucatan, a place of history, houses one of the new 7 wonders of the world, the CHICHEN ITZÁ castle and cradle of the Mayan culture.

Familia Aurasmartliving

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Comfort and Luxury

Space carefully designed to the smallest detail to give that touch just so you enjoy every minute in your HOME.

Thinking of Green

We have a commitment to the environment, a commitment to take care of our planet. That is why we have designed a series of solutions to make AURAMERÍDA a better place to live.

Construction Technology

Strong Structures Highly qualified by several of the best engineers in the country who will be in charge of this great project that is at the height of the best buildings worldwide in the field of housing.


Luxury apartments designed to live incredible experiences

Aura Exclusive Beach Club

Aura Smart Luxury Living wants to give you an exclusive experience that residents will have access to, a paradisiacal space equipped for you to spend a moment full of pleasure and relaxation no more than 35min from the housing complex.

Health and Sport

  • Alberca Infinity

  • Simulador de Golf

  • Cancha de Padel

  • Cancha de Futbol

  • Sauna

  • Holistic Gym

  • Luxury Spa

Entertainment and Children

  • Water Park

  • Kids Club

  • Sky Cinema

  • Lago Espejo

  • Salón Arcade

  • Playground

  • Restaurant

  • Party Hall

  • Roof Garden

  • Infinity Pool


  • Wellness Bar

  • Asadores Roof Garden

  • Secret Garden

  • Concierge

  • Wine Corner

  • Poker Club

  • Business Center


Departamento 1

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  • Units

    62 dptos.

  • Extension


Departamento Tierra Aura

Departamento 2

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  • Units

    30 dptos.

  • Extension


Departamento Agua Auratowers

Departamento 3

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  • Units

    15 dptos.

  • Extension


Departamento Agua Auratowers

Departamento 4

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  • Units

    1 Penthouse

  • Extension


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